IIS Administration Script Utility (adsutil)


Summary: IIS administration utility that uses VBScript with ADSI to manipulate ths IIS Configuration. This script should be run using CScript which is installed with the Windows Scripting Host as part of the NT Option Pack.
Usage: adsutil COMMAND <path> [<param>...]
Commands: GET Path Display chosen parameter.
SET Path Value Assign a new value.
ENUM path
["/P" | "/A"]
Enumerate all parameters for given path.

/P - Enumerates the paths only (no data).

/A - Enumerates all data that CAN be set on the node

DELETE path Delete given path or parameter.
CREATE   path [KeyType] Create given path and assigns it the given KeyType.
APPCREATEINPROC Path Create an in-proc application.
APPCREATEOUTPROC Path Create an out-proc application.
APPDELETE Path Delete the application if there is one.
APPUNLOAD Path Unload an out of proc application.
APPGETSTATUS Path Get status of the application.
FIND Path Find the paths where a given parameter is set.
START_SERVER Path find the paths where a given parameter is set.
STOP_SERVER Path Stops the given web site.
PAUSE_SERVER Path Pauses the given web site.
CONTINUE_SERVER Un-Pauses the given web site.
Note: <path> is the path of the node at which you are setting the property combined with the name of the property you are setting. For example, if you want to set the ServerComment for web server number 1, the command would be as follows:

adsutil SET w3svc/1/ServerComment "Web Server Number 1"

The next time the Internet Service Manager application is opened, it will reflect the name of the web server as "Web Server Number 1"


adsutil GET W3SVC/1/ServerBindings

adsutil SET W3SVC/1/ServerBindings ":81:"

adsutil CREATE W3SVC/1/Root/MyVdir "IIsWebVirtualDir"

adsutil START_SERVER W3SVC/1 adsutil.vbs ENUM /P W3SVC